We offer a variety of aeration options. Aeration can greatly benefit your pond or lake in many ways, some of which are: Improved water clarity and quality through circulation, increased oxygen levels that promote fish health and growth, and most importantly, aeration greatly reduces the risk of winter kill.


The combination of Aeration, pond treatments, and beneficial bacteria is the most effective way to rid your pond or lake of unwanted muck, weeds, and algae.

We also offer Aeration system repair and maintenance, call for an evaluation and quote.


Aeration Systems start at $1200.00


Many factors go into pricing, including: Type of system desired, number of diffusers, and length of airline needed.

Call today for your customized quote!


*Pricing is subject to change without notice, installation not included

Our Premium Aeration Systems:

Airmax Shallow Water Series:

  • Best for shallow ponds and beaches up to 10' deep

  • Can aerate up to 1/2 acre

  • Energy efficent, can cost as little as $3.48/mo. to run 24/7

Airmax PondSeries:

  • Best for ponds up to 21' deep

  • Can aerate up to 8 acres

  • Energy efficient, can cost as little as $9.27/mo to run 24/7

Airmax LakeSeries:

  • Best for larger ponds/Lakes up to 50' deep

  • Can aerate up to 6+ acres

  • Energy efficient, can cost as little as $47.53/mo to run 24/7 

Our Basic Aeration System:

Our basic system utilizes a Gast compressor, weighted airline, self weighted diffuser(s), and a poly vented cabinet. A single compressor can run up to 4 diffusers and aerate up to 3 acres. 

This is a great energy efficient system to put in any pond or lake and for anyone searching for a quality system at a value price.


Windmills are best suited for remote ponds and lakes that want access to the benefits of aeration without the necessity of electricity. Windmills are low maintenance, durable, and a beautiful feature to add to your pond. We offer multiple tower heights to suit your pond's individual needs.

Call for orders and pricing!

Kevin- 810-627-0605

We offer onsite consultations to see if a windmill is the best system of aeration for you. Utilize our extensive knowledge on which tower height best suits your needs, and proper placement to receive maximum benefits. While Practical Pond Management does not install windmills, we do provide repair and maintenance to existing windmills.

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